We combine the art and technology of
trading games.

Our company started back in 2008 as a local gaming company.

Since then we’ve come a long way to become a leading worldwide games trader and developer of disruptive projects for the global gaming industry.

Welcome to SunTechSoft!

We connect all available marketplaces, wholesale partners, retail shops and publishers.

We are a reliable and trusted partner for other businesses and contribute to the evolution and sustainability of the global gaming community.

In 2024, we sold over 20M+ games and game cards

for Steam, Origin, PSN, XBOX, GOG and other platforms.

We love games!

We develop and support our own games and always try to maintain that old-school gaming community sense of friendship and humor in our company.

Our Company Timeline

  • 2008

    1 person

    Company founded

  • 2010

    4 employees

    Wholesale department established

  • 2012

    11 employees

    Retail CRM developed and and automation implemented

  • 2014

    20 employees

    Retail department established

  • 2015

    35 employees

    B2C web services

  • 2017

    130 employees

    Over 6M copies of games and related software sold

  • 2024

    500+ employees

    Over 20M+ copies of games and related software sold

  • 10

    Years of worldwide game trading experience

  • 130+

    Qualified and passionate employees

  • 20M+

    Total copies of games sold